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Early Summer, 2022

Virtual via Zoom

Join the CONNECT WITH YOUR KIDS FOR LIFE 5-day Challenge starting May 1st, 2022 to get tools now and a taste of what this course offers. 

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We transform the lives of children by transforming the behaviors of parents.

All behavior is controlled by the Unconscious Mind.

Parenting the Unconscious is the only parenting program that works with both parts of your mind so you can live your best life and enjoy being a parent.

In this program you will learn to:

Make the most of the time you have now. Stop the overwhelm, restore balance to your life, slow down and CONNECT with your kids in ways that feel good to them and you. Communicate in ways that build trust, resilience and connection to last a lifetime.

Be your best self and show your kids how to be happy by living your own best life. Instead of practicing strategies to overcome your triggers, remove those triggers altogether so there’s nothing to overcome! Gain instant access to the skills and strategies you’ve already learned but aren’t using.

Empower your kids to live their own magnificent lives. Make decisions from the certainty of what your kids need for psychological wellness, esteem and agency. Avoid the common ways parents inadvertently undermine those needs.  Learn how to spot and protect your kids (and yourself) from outside influences that can rob them of agency and esteem.


Your Instructors


Jennifer Love Carey

Ryan Murray

Jennifer (Jlove) is a parent and a certified practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™, and 2nd Degree Usui Reiki.

She has studied and trained teams in human behavior and motivation for the past 20 years working in the fields of experience design, consulting, organizational design and culture. Her passion is understanding man's connection with the divine and the unique life journey each person is on.

She is also a certified Coach-sultant™ with Delivering Happiness, a global culture consultancy committed to creating happier lives using the principles of positive psychology.

Ryan is a parent and a master practitioner and trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™, as well as a master practitioner and initiator in Hawaiian shamanistic practices.


After more than 20 years in tech, transforming large scale organizations, advising fortune 500 executives, and building a $200 million consulting practice, Ryan brings together a broad array of skills and knowledge from a wide variety of studies and life experience to create immediate and powerful impact for clients who are committed to producing results in their lives in the areas of career, relationships and parenting. 

Ryan graduated from Duke University with honors with a BS in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Ethics. 

Instead of yet another "reframing" technique to help you “manage” the anxiety, judgment, and stress of parenting,  just release it altogether


Parenting approaches like Positive Parenting, Love & Logic, NVC and Conscious Parenting are popular because they are based on universal principles of human behavior and psychological wellbeing. But when we need them the most is usually when they are hardest to access.


That's because all human behavior is driven by the Unconscious Mind. Yet, few of us ever learn how the unconscious mind actually works and how to make changes at the deepest level so that we can actually apply the frameworks and formulas to the unique and specific needs of our families.

Parenting the Unconscious gives parents an understanding of how the unconscious mind works along with the fundamental needs for psychological wellbeing. We also work with your unconscious mind to create deep and lasting change in the areas that drive your automatic behaviors. Finally, we teach you how to use these tools to empower and support your family and build relationships rooted in trust, respect and connection.

Why We Created This Program

We interviewed some of the smartest, most intentional parents we know and here's what they said.

It's hard to feel connected

"I live in my head. Being in the here and now is difficult."

Life is out of balance

"It’s like being on a treadmill, I’m just exhausted a lot of the time."

There is urgency to get it right 

"I worry about the right decisions. I get worried that I’m not seeing the big picture.  I feel urgency about that."

They've read the books but still lose their sh*t

"The rational mind doesn’t work in the moment, the emotions just take over."

Your Story is Our Story

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the 'after' pic

We are parents just like you.  Like most parents, we wanted to connect deeply with our kids, build trust and ultimately empower them to value themselves and follow their dreams. Yet, for years, this was a real challenge. Our kids didn't act the way we expected them to. They were sensitive, uncooperative, prone to significant outbursts and struggled with focus and impulse control (ADHD). So we read best selling parenting books, studied developmental and positive psychology and attended workshops, trainings and conferences with academics and experts specialized in the needs of children. We worked with therapists, parent coaches, clinical psychiatrists and brain experts, but most of the time we still didn’t know how to navigate the day to day in a way we felt good about. We could hear the voices of our parents coming out of our mouths and were repeatedly losing our sh*t over small stuff even though we both knew better

Finally, we discovered that the unconscious mind is the seat of all behavior, emotion and belief and were given tools that allowed us to make change so dramatically and rapidly that we decided to learn everything we could about it. Since then we’ve been using these powerful mind tools and embodied practices to accelerate our own personal development and growth as a family along with our clients. 


Now, we have the connection with our kids we once craved, have watched their behaviors transform and confidence blossom, while as a couple we have grown closer and are collaborating better than we have in our 25 years together! 

In our breakthrough coaching, we’ve worked with both parents and kids to get life changing results very quickly. We don't understand why many of these tools are virtually unknown or why the basic facts about how the mind works and what’s needed for psychological well being are not being routinely taught to parents everywhere.  We have not seen them brought together anywhere quite like this and  have the feeling that we are at the edge of something very big.  And very needed.


We think every parent deserves to know how to access their best self and create an environment that directly supports the wellbeing of everyone in their family.  So we built a program that teaches all of these tools in a practical way that parents can use. 

We wish we had learned all of this a lot sooner---and are on a mission to bring this knowledge to other parents. Together we can transform the lives of generations to come and get a lot more out of our own lives in the process.

Everything you and your kids need - love, wisdom, the ability to deeply connect - is already inside you and them and you only need to uncover, unleash, and unlock it.

Parenting the Unconscious Program

In this program we teach parents how to work directly, quickly and effectively with the mind’s engine of change, motivation and development while clearing unconscious patterns so you can get out of your own way.  With these tools, parents can help their kids own their inner knowing, self-development and ultimately create the lives they want for themselves.


The complete “Parenting the Unconscious” Program includes:


  1. The Fundamentals Course -- a 2 month learning and group coaching course that meets 2x/week that covers the essentials of the unconscious mind, psychological wellness and connection. During this course you will practice the tools you learn and build a personal atlas of how you make sense of the world.

  2. The Applied Principles Course - During this 2 month advanced course you will restore balance to your life, get hours of your week back, repair and restore communication breakdowns and co create an intentional culture with your family. 

  3. 1 on 1 Personal Breakthrough(s) to address specific behaviors and interruptors of your own wellbeing and connection. We work with you individually to quickly release the deep, unconscious root causes that block your being present, connected and responding to your children or partner the way you would like. During this time you will have the opportunity to clear the outsized negative emotions, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts that drive negative behaviors and reactions. 

The Fundamentals Course

In the fundamentals course we provide  practical, easy to implement ideas  and techniques which leverage the power of the deep unconscious mind. First we show you how to achieve deeper connection and presence, using tools of the body and mind, as well as how to undo the habits and behaviors that break connection or prevent deep connection from occurring.   Then we focus on evolving the self -  how to uncover and then release the deep judgements, beliefs, expectations and automatic triggers and negative behaviors that cause disconnection from ourselves and our kids  and undermine our children’s development of self-trust, self-esteem, inner knowing and passion to live fully.  Our goal is to give you full control of your emotions, thoughts and behavior so ultimately you can create from  passion, purpose and fully own your life path. 

You will learn how to

Unlock the unconscious Mind
Gain a foundational understanding of the powerful role of the unconscious mind in memory, values, beliefs, behavior and emotions so that you can reinforce your child’s natural confidence and self trust while avoiding common parenting pitfalls that undermine your child’s innate self worth. 


Connect & be present

Learn the physical and mental secrets behind deep connection that you can apply with your family right away and avoid the typical ways we break unconsciously connection with those we love most.


Meet your child’s psychological needs

Understand the essential components of human motivation and psychological well being, rooted in decades of research, so that you can quickly identify the root of challenges and desires in your children and ensure that their fundamental psychological needs are being met.


Support healthy development and set right expectations

Learn a powerful model of human development that underpins behaviors and values in children and adults so that you can support your children’s development and avoid accidentally holding them back.


Be the best version of yourself

Surface YOUR personal, unconscious values, beliefs and filters so that you can understand the unique drivers, motivators that underpin your current way of engaging with and creating your world.


Communicate with the Unconscious

Harness the power of your unconscious mind to create what you want, and give you a practical tool kit for communicating with others in a way that is easy for them to receive.

The Applied Principles Course

Building on the clarity and insights from the first course, we guide you through the process of bringing your life into alignment with your values in how you spend your time, interact with your loved ones and make agreements. We also give you additional tools and techniques for empowering your kids to work with their own minds. Once we begin to identify your unique and deep unconscious roots of judgment, resistance and negative patterns, as well as the important constraints and practical needs in your life, we can create a plan to overcome overwhelm  and achieve balance and  begin releasing what causes disconnect and holds you back from fully expressing your gifts, as a parent and throughout your life. 

You will take action to


Restore balance to your life

Get tools to manage overwhelm and restore yourself to a state of calm so you can handle the very things that are causing it. Then guide you through a process to restore balance in your own life, get hours of your week back, and amp up the energy, joy and meaning in your day to day.

Make positive changes in your family

Connect your learnings to the underlying principles of many popular parenting approaches so that you can adapt them to work in your family. Recognize, value, and parent the child you have and redefine your role as a parent. Recognize and protect your children (and yourself) from psychological harm and manipulation by self interested and exploitative individuals and organizations.


Give this knowledge to your kids

Learn and apply practical tools for working with your children's unconscious minds to support their healthy mental & emotional development, self confidence, empowerment, self-expression and independence, and give them the tools to do it for themselves.


Co-create Your Family Culture

Translate your insights into action while aligning with your family members to create a set of values, celebrations and norms that define your family’s cultural thumbprint.

The Personal Breakthrough

During your personal breakthrough you choose a specific and meaningful challenge you want to break through in one area of your life that is concrete and measurable. We start by identifying the behaviors that create that situation, then trace those behaviors back to root causes driving them.


Once we identify the root cause we guide you through learning what you need to release that belief at the level of your unconscious and create new empowering beliefs. Once this happens, you will immediately respond and behave differently in many areas of life. Because we work at the level of the deep unconscious, the changes you make will almost always unblock and accelerate positive change in other areas of your life such as career, money, health, enjoyment and wellness.  When you take new action in your life free from those old judgements, beliefs and habits you will reach a new level of connection, ease and fulfillment with children, partner and your family as a whole.  

Personal Breakthroughs are performed one on one either in person or via Zoom in a series of 3 to 4 sessions which last between 3 and 4 hours each.  Most clients experience significant change after the first session.


The next Fundamentals Course starts early Summer, 2022. 

Virtual by Zoom with weekly live instruction and group coaching sessions

We offer programs for one or two parents. Contact us to find out more.

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