Parenting Challenge

Connect With Your Kids

Saturday, July 30, 2022-Wednesday, August 3rd

This 5 Day Challenge will give you a taste of what real connection feels like and how dramatically you can make positive change in your own life.

Mindful OR Mind FULL?

Connect with your kids at any age by slowing down, meeting them where they are and stopping the unconscious behaviors that erode their trust & esteem.

Let us show you how.

Mother and Daughter Hugging

Does this sound like you?

You are overwhelmed with too much to do, not enough time and WAY too many decisions.

You feel an urgency to "get it right” with your kids while there is still time.

You already know ‘what you should do' but sometimes struggle to actually do it and wonder if you are missing something.


Here's what's going on.

It's your unconscious mind that controls your behaviors, emotions and automatic responses while parenting frameworks expect you to make change at the conscious level.


When you work directly with the unconscious mind, you can instantly and permanently release the anxiety and stress that interrupt connection and the joy of parenting.


Make change where stress actually starts rather than struggle with yet another technique to help you “manage” or “reframe” it.

In this challenge we share 'secrets' of the deep unconscious mind and the fundamental building blocks of self-esteeso you can: 

connect deeply with your kids, 

make the most of the time you have with them NOW


and truly empower them to pursue the magnificent lives THEY want to lead.

Step into Your Innate Mastery

Instead of reading yet another book or listening to another podcast that sounds great but is hard to apply, learn the secrets and tools we’ve used to transform our own parenting and family as well as the lives of our clients.  

During the Lifelong Connection & Empowerment Parenting Challenge, you will learn:

tools to deepen and sustain connection 

essential understanding of how core needs affect children's self-esteem 

tools to empower your kids (and yourself) to live their lives from a place of power 

essential understanding of how the deeper unconscious mind really works and why it is necessary to work with it to become the “best version of yourself”​

Distilled into five 90 minute webinars you can attend live, or watch later, each day for 5 days, we will teach you techniques and tactics that will reshape your parenting, create more connection, and support you to empower your children.

The way you parent today can transform the lives of your kids forever.


You and your kids deserve the kind of connection that lasts a lifetime. 

How we got here 

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the 'after' pic

We are parents just like you.  Like most parents, we wanted to connect deeply with our kids, build trust and ultimately empower them to value themselves and follow their dreams. Yet, for years, this was a real challenge. Our kids didn't act the way we expected them to. They were sensitive, uncooperative, prone to significant outbursts and struggled with focus and impulse control (ADHD). So we read best selling parenting books, studied developmental and positive psychology and attended workshops, trainings and conferences with academics and experts specialized in the needs of children. We worked with therapists, parent coaches, clinical psychiatrists and brain experts, but most of the time we still didn’t know how to navigate the day to day in a way we felt good about. We could hear the voices of our parents coming out of our mouths and were repeatedly losing our sh*t over small stuff even though we both knew better

Finally, we discovered that the unconscious mind is the seat of all behavior, emotion and belief and were given tools that allowed us to make change so dramatically and rapidly that we decided to learn everything we could about it. Since then we’ve been using these powerful mind tools and embodied practices to accelerate our own personal development and growth as a family along with our clients. 


Now, we have the connection with our kids we once craved, have watched their behaviors transform and confidence blossom, while as a couple we have grown closer and are collaborating better than we have in our 25 years together! 

We wish we had learned all of this a lot sooner---and are on a mission to bring this knowledge to other parents. Together we can transform the lives of generations to come and get a lot more out of our own lives in the process.

Parent and Child

Our Lifelong Connection & Empowerment Parenting Challenge takes place over 5 daily 90 minute sessions.

This is a virtual learning and coaching experience for intentional parents  who are committed to being their best selves and breaking the mold of negative parenting habits, including those passed down from past generations.

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This is guaranteed to be the quickest way you can shift your mindset for a profound, almost instantaneous, transformation of the self and of your parenting.