The Two Minds

Your conscious mind guides your choices. Your unconscious mind guides your behavior. 

All human behavior, learning and ultimately change happens in the Unconscious Mind. Without tools that directly access and influence the unconscious mind, change is HARD and SLOW.  Yet, few of us ever learn how the unconscious mind actually works and how to make changes at the deepest level so that we can actually apply the frameworks and formulas we’ve learned.  

The Conscious Mind

  • makes rational decisions

  • processes information linearly

The Unconscious Mind

  • makes unconscious decisions

  • learns & stores information non linearly

  • controls all behavior

  • controls emotions & states

  • drives motivation

  • stores all memories

It's all in your

The world you see is entirely in your head. 

Your senses act as receivers bringing the signals of your environment into your mind. The amount of information available in any one moment is well beyond what any one mind can process, so every single  human has a unique set of filters through which we experience and interpret the world. Those filters were formed in our first years of life and shaped by the people, culture and experiences around us. 


Today, they operate as truths, values, and perceptions.. Our minds receive information and  then create pictures and meaning shaped by these filters. You respond to the picture in your own mind. It’s not the whole picture or even the right picture—it’s just the picture you have. It is virtually impossible to see the same filters through which we look without a ‘mirror’. Once you become aware of, or make conscious, the  filter that has been driving your behavior, you now have the choice to make a change.  


BUT because your unconscious mind drives your behaviors, even once you make that choice, unless your unconscious is fully on board with the change, it will replay those old negative patterns the moment you become distracted, tired or surprised.